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Scrum for Trello

Scrum for Trello adds functionality to the awesome for use in Scrum projects.

Trello is the perfect online equivalent of the whiteboard with sticky notes aka the Scrum board. One element we use are the storypoints. TrelloScrum gives you the ability to make use of story points in Trello.


Scrum for Trello is a Chrome extension and you can install it via the Chrome Webstore.

Or, clone this repository and load the TrelloScrum folder as an unpacked extension.

How does it work?

In the card titles you can add the storypoints between parentheses. The assigned points will be picked up by TrelloScrum and displayed in the upper right corner of the card.

For each list the total amount of story points will be calculated and shown in the title of the list.

Every second the story points will be detected and calculated. So changing a number or moving a card will be reflected almost immediately.


TrelloScrum was developed by Marcel Duin and Jasper Kaizer during our pet projects time at Q42.

Great improvements made by @nicpottier and @paullofte:

  • The point value is moved to be a badge on the card.
  • Added support for Zero Point Cards (0), Unknown Point Cards (?), Decimal Value Cards (.5)
  • In addition I added the functionality to have the list total reflect the current filtered set of cards.