Scripts which are useful for automatic deploys of AppEngine code
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This script deploys your application to Google AppEngine without user interaction needed. It does this by generating a script with your given parameters, executing it to upload your project and removing the batch file.



  optional argument, default behaviour = false. When true will instruct AppEngine to start serving the just 
  deployed application as the default version.


Your password is saved to the batch file before execution and it is removed afterwards. If debugmode is enabled the script will not be removed. Your password will not be echo'ed to the Console.Out because multiple build servers capture the console output.


Original version by Mark van Straten - Sourcecode located at - This software is kindly granted to the community and licensed under GNU GPL-3.0 - see supplied LICENSE.TXT for details


  • Make option for auto-publish this version as active version in appengine
  • Generate better replace rule for the version because AppEngine only allows letters,digits & hyphens
  • Figure out how we can delete the batchfile even if the deploy procedure failed.


  • This script does nothing to prevent you from reaching the max-version (10) limit of Google AppEngine.