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2014-12-06: This Library is Unmaintained

This library was created by Q42 in August of 2013, but is no longer being maintained. As of December 2014, the library is already out of date with the official Hue API.

This repository has been kept online for future reference, but it might be removed at a later date. It is provided under the MIT license, so feel free to fork and modify.

See hue-libs for a list of other Hue libraries.

The README from August 2013:


Jue is a Java library allowing developers to easily use the features offered by a Philips Hue bridge. All publicly documented API features have been implemented, along with group creation and deletion.

It is designed with Android compatibility in mind and we encourage you to use it in your apps!


If this is your first time using the library, have a look at the wiki pages for tutorials to learn how to use this library. These will outline the organization and usage patterns.

If you're looking for a reference, you can find Javadoc here. Great care was taken to properly document all functions and classes and it is updated after every change.


Jue is licensed under MIT, of which the terms are outlined in the LICENSE file.

Also included is a copy of the GSON library, licensed under the Apache License 2.0, of which the terms can be found here.