Install scripts to run Meteor on Google Compute Engine
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Meteor on Google Compute Engine

Install scripts to run Meteor on Google Compute Engine.


  1. Create a new project on GCE:

  2. Download the gcloud tool:

  3. Authenticate to Google Cloud Platform:
    gcloud auth login

  4. Configure gcloud to use your new project by default:
    gcloud config set project <YOUR_PROJECT_ID>

  5. Create a bucket in Google Cloud Storage (it needs to be unique) for example:
    gsutil mb gs://iloveq42

  6. Edit to use your bucket. For example:
    export BUCKET='iloveq42'

  7. Copy (replace 'iloveq42' with your bucket name):
    gsutil cp gs://iloveq42

  8. Bundle your Meteor app into the parent directory:
    meteor build .. --architecture os.linux.x86_64

  9. Copy your app to your bucket (replace 'iloveq42' with your bucket name):
    gsutil cp ../<YOUR_APP_NAME>.tar.gz gs://iloveq42/versions/default.tar.gz

  10. Create a new persistent disk for MongoDB:
    gcloud compute disks create "mongo-data" --size "200GB" --zone "europe-west1-d" --type "pd-standard"

  11. Create a compute engine instance using the script (replace 'iloveq42' with your bucket name):
    gcloud compute instances create "meteor" --zone "europe-west1-d" --tags "http-server" --scopes storage-ro --metadata startup-script-url=gs://iloveq42/ --disk "name=mongo-data" "mode=rw" "boot=no"

This will output something like this:

meteor europe-west1-d n1-standard-1 RUNNING

Done! At this point your site should be reachable on the external IP ( in this case).