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We've published the source code to and here for your perusal.

If you find anything on our site that you feel needs fixing, be it code, spelling or anything else, don't hesitate to send us a pull request or create an issue. We maintain the site ourselves with the same workflow.

The site is built with Meteor.

Configure your editor

Make sure your editor has support for .editorconfig, and .jshintrc.

Add settings you need

Create a config/dev/settings.json file

	"public": {
		"siteVersion": "nl", // or "en" to develop the .com site
	"private": {
		"MONGO_URL": "...",
		"MONGO_OPLOG_URL": "..."

(if you use the config file as above, without actual values, the site will still run, but with warnings/errors).

Running the site locally

First install any NPM packages you need:

meteor npm install

Then run the app:


Deploying to Galaxy

You need the following prerequisites:

  • config/ and config/ based on the above template. In the '.com' version, be sure to set siteVersion to 'en'. Make sure all fields are configured. Since Meteor 1.4, the MONGO_OPLOG_URL also needs a ?replicaSet querystring parameter.
  • Git Flow, which you can get here: -- note you'll need to git flow init while on the develop branch, as the git flow state isn't checked in to the repository. At init time, choose 'master' for production releases and 'develop' for next release (the defaults). Choose the defaults for all others too (feature/, release/, hotfix/, support/, empty).
  • gcloud command line tool, from Install, then authenticate using gcloud auth login.
  • Access to the GCS bucket via Ask Rahul or Lukas.

Since you need to deploy to two separate sites ( and, there's a script which will take care of both commands. Just run:



Content for the site is located in the /views folder as regular .html files, so if you want to edit some content, just navigate to that file and edit it! A really fast way to clean up spelling mistakes and similar small problems is to just load the repository on Github and use its built-in editor to edit files. Github will automatically fork the project for you and submit a pull request.


There is no license. This is the code for our website, copyright Q42. You can browse the source and learn from our mishaps, but please don't re-use the code elsewhere or redistribute it.