Multiple experiments about Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner
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Multiple experiments about Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner Recently I have conducted multiple experiments about Data Assignment Methods in LoadRunner. Why I conducted this experiment? I feel that LoadRunner documentation doesn't help me to understand how the data assignment methods works in LoadRunner Controller. I hope this article helps you to understand how data assignment methods in LoadRunner Controller. Before we see about the experiment, let us refresh ourselves about data parameterization.

What is Data Parameterization?

In testing environment, most of the time we use same data again and again. This will not reflect real world scenario. Even for unit testing, you must use different sets of data to debug your script, whether the script is working for all sets of data.

Data Parameterization is a process of testing multiple sets of data during runtime. In LoadRunner, you can configure this by pressing CTRL + L shortcut. Also, you need to set the number of iterations in Run Login.

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