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Machine Learning Workshop

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This is the homepage for the Collaboratory Workshop, Machine Learning with Python. This workshop is offered by the QCBio Collaboratory (UCLA).

Table of contents

Workshop description

In this workshop, we explore applications of Machine Learning to analyze biological data without the need of advanced programming skills. For example, Machine Learning techniques can be used to construct predictive models based on a set of training examples, to remove noise and spurious artifacts from data (e.g. photobleaching), or to help visualize trends within high dimensional datasets, etc. This workshop will cover the basic principles involved in the applications mentioned above, such as pattern recognition, linear and non-linear regression and cluster analysis. The workshop will be oriented towards hands-on activities, starting from the basics of how to load and prepare biological datasets in a Python environment. By the end of this workshop, students will be able to use Scikit-Learn’s documentation (and other libraries) to build models based on their own data, assess their performance and make new predictions.

Students are encouraged to attend to the Advanced Python and Modern Statistics workshops, although no advanced knowledge will be assumed.

Technical requirements

Attendees should have a working copy of Python 3 with the following packages:

All these libraries are directly available using the distribution Anaconda. We highly recommend users to install prior the begging of the course this distribution by reviewing these instructions.


There are several ways you can contact us:

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Workshop - Machine Learning with Python
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