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.. currentmodule:: qinfer

Abstract Model Classes


A model in QInfer is a class that describes the probabilities of observing data, given a particular experiment and given a particular set of model parameters. The observation probabilities may be given implicitly or explicitly, in that the class may only allow for sampling observations, rather than finding the a distribution explicitly. In the former case, a model is represented by a subclass of :class:`Simulatable`, while in the latter, the model is represented by a subclass of :class:`Model`.

:class:`Simulatable` - Base Class for Implicit (Simulatable) Models

Class Reference

.. autoclass:: Simulatable

:class:`Model` - Base Class for Explicit (Likelihood) Models

If a model supports explicit calculation of the likelihood function, then this is represented by subclassing from :class:`Model`.

Class Reference

.. autoclass:: Model

:class:`FiniteOutcomeModel` - Base Class for Models with a Finite Number of Outcomes

The likelihood function provided by a subclass is used to implement :meth:`Simulatable.simulate_experiment`, which is possible because the likelihood of all possible outcomes can be computed. This class also concretely implements the :attr:`~Simulatable.domain` method by looking at the definition of :attr:`~Simulatable.n_outcomes`.

Class Reference

.. autoclass:: FiniteOutcomeModel

:class:`DifferentiableModel` - Base Class for Explicit Models with Differentiable Likelihoods

Class Reference

.. autoclass:: DifferentiableModel