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Awind Research

This repository holds interesting bits and pieces related to research I performed on wireless presentation devices manufactured by Awindinc and OEM'ed to multiple manufacturers.

The repository is split into these subsections:

  • hardware - hardware hacking stuff, mostly for MMC dumping and pinout documentation
  • networking - PIN code bruteforcer, custom Nmap scripts and fingerprints
  • exploits - Metasploit modules and Python-based exploits.

Affected devices

The following devices were OEM'ed by Awind and are therefore affected by the same issues.

This list is non-exhaustive as it is based on devices observed on the public Internet. If you are aware of other brand/model, just shoot me an email.

Known Default Creds

Default credentials exported from installation manuals.

Manufacturer Username Password
Airmedia admin admin
Extron admin configure
Teqavit admin Admin&11
Infocus admin admin
Barco admin admin
Newline admin admin


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