Available Plugins

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List of plugins

Plugin DL Description
EpubViewer v1 Download View .epub ebooks
OfficeViewer v2 Download View Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files without installing MS Office
HelixViewer Download A plugin for viewing 3D models
FontViewer Download A plugin for viewing font files, supports .OTF & .TTF

If you have developed a new plugin, feel free to add it here.

How to install or upgrade a plugin

  1. Download the plugin in .qlplugin format.
  2. Ensure QuickLook is currently running, select the file and press Spacebar.
  3. Click on the Install button, then restart QuickLook.

Note: Upgrading is the same procedure as installing

How to remove a plugin

  1. Quit QuickLook.
  2. Navigate to
    • (For .msi and .zip version) %APPDATA%\pooi.moe\QuickLook\QuickLook.Plugin folder.
    • (For Windows Store version) %LOCALAPPDATA%\Packages\21090PaddyXu.QuickLook_egxr34yet59cg\LocalCache\Roaming\pooi.moe\QuickLook\QuickLook.Plugin folder.
  3. You should find several folders. Remove the one you do not want to use.

How to develop a new plugin

See Integration and Development

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