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File Managers

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Out-of-the-box support (incomplete list)

  • Your Desktop
  • File Explorer windows
  • Open- and Save-File-dialogs (requires QuickLook MSI/ZIP version, not Store version)
  • Everything (requires Everything to be installed as a service and not be run as admin)
  • Directory Opus
  • Files
  • RX Explorer (since RX Explorer v4.6.0)
  • QTTabBar1
  • One Commander
  • Ritt

File managers that need a bit of configuration

Note: Due to the limitation of Windows Sandbox, these managers need an additional tool to work with the Store version of QuickLook. Click here for details.

  • fman (Just specify the path to QuickLook.exe on first use of F3)2.
  • FreeCommander (setup explained here)
  • Total Commander (setup explained here)
  • XYplorer (setup explained here)
  • Tablacus (simply install the QuickLook addon)

1 You may notice that the selected file will change when pressing space. The solution is to turn off Enhanced incremental search in view feature in QTTabBar. See #726 for details.

2 fman uses space for selecting items, so QuickLook does not override it. However, it is possible to set the F3 preview application to QuickLook. Notes here.