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Quartermaster Main Repository

Quartermaster is a suite of command line tools and build system plugins that instruments software builds to create FLOSS compliance documentation and support compliance decision making. It executes as part of a software build process to generate reports about the analysed product.

Cloning the Quartermaster repositories using the master repository

Quartermaster uses Git submodules to combine the compliance toolchain, the demo cases, the analysis tools and plugins and other elements in a versioned fashion. To check out all elements of Quartermaster, clone recursively:

> git clone --recursive https://github.com/QMSTR/qmstr-all.git

Repository setup

The individual repositories are configured to match the currently checked out branch of the qmstr-all repository. Add another repository this way:

> git submodule add -b . <clone URL> <directory-for-submodule>/

The submodules are registered in this repository so that they track the corresponding remote branches. To update all submodules to the latest commits, run

> git submodule update --recursive --remote