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QTodoTxt is a cross-platform UI client for todo.txt files (see todo.txt).

Main view

more screenshots..

Latest alpha/beta relase and QTodotTxt2:

Download code from git or use pip: pip install qtodotxt --upgrade --pre

We have also started work on QTodoTxt2 Much much much cleaner code and a new interface based on qml that offer a lot of new possibilities. Try it and give us feedback

Now also available using pip: pip install qtodotxt2 --upgrade --pre

And please report bugs to github!

###Latest stable release:

V1.9.0 is released but not all binary packages have been created yet and the following links may point to older versions (pip should alway point to latest release). If you want a missing binary release, generate it then contact the authors to upload the file and update the link in this README

Running from sources

To run the application without installing just:

Be sure to have all prerequisites installed !