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QVSource Google Analytics Starter App For QlikView

A template application showing how to get started using the QVSource Google Analytics Connector for QlikView.

Please Note: We are working on a replacement to this application here with a simplified load script and data model.

If you are a QlikView + QVSource user you can simply click the ["Download ZIP"] ( button on GitHub to grab this application.

The content below is copied from the change log in the first tab of the load script.

Change Log - 17/06/14

  • Fixed map by changing transparency to 0%.
  • Changed 'defaultPage as WebProfiles_defaultPage ' on GoogleAnalyticsConnectorV3_WebProfiles table to 'null() as WebProfiles_defaultPage'. Seems this was failing for some users. - 10/02/14

  • Moved badge.
  • Recreated repository. - 04/12/13

  • Added badge. - 12/11/13

  • Upgraded to use V3 of the Google Analytics Connector (including moving to QVX format for requests which is now the default for the connector).
  • IMPORTANT: You now need V3 of this Connector to using this application (click here for the final release for use with V2 of the Connector).
  • Added a appId parameter to all requests (this is useful for logging, for example if you are running multiple apps on the same server - you can use this to identify them in the logs. - 10/09/13

  • Fixed issue with referencing the wrong config file. - 12/07/13

  • Renamed config file config.txt.
  • Moved to GitHub. - 24/06/13

  • Ooops - forgot to actually include the last fix (Fixed bug: let profileChanged = 'ga:'&$(profile); => let profileChanged = 'ga:$(profile)';) - 24/06/13

  • Fixed bug: let profileChanged = 'ga:'&$(profile); => let profileChanged = 'ga:$(profile)';
  • Improved config file so start date always goes back a fixed number of days from today. - 09/08/12

  • First version of Google Analytics Application