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QVSource Twitter Starter App Pack For QlikView

This is a starter QlikView application pack showing how to get started using the QVSource Twitter Connector for QlikView.

Note that the load script should also work in Qlik Sense.

Full documentation for this starter application can be found here.

It also makes use of the Sentiment and Text Analytics Connector to score Tweets and the Klout Connector to measure the influence of Tweeters.

If you are a QlikView (or Qlik Sense) + QVSource user you can simply click the "Download ZIP" button on GitHub to grab this application.

The content below is copied from the change log in the first tab of the load script.

Change Log - 17/12/15 - 04/12/13

  • Updated badge. - 29/08/13

  • maxCacheAgeInHours parameter for UserLookup table changed from -1 (cache indefinitely) to 1 (hour). - 30/07/13

  • Added check that vLocalTimeZone is recognised.
  • Moved to Github.

1.0.8 - 25/06/13

  • BREAKING CHANGES - You will not be able to simply start reloading this over the top of QVDs created from earlier versions.
  • Fixed issue where searchmaxpages in Params table should be maxNoPages
  • Removed RT and -RT as separate searches - this is now worked out from the presence/absence of a rewteeted status.
  • Added a Search_IsReply field (true/false).
  • Added a lot more fields to the search results table (and QVD) but only loading in a small subset of these. Feel free to uncomment more fields in the LoadFromQVDs table.
  • loadFromQVDs is now in a sub and called from Main.
  • Reply added as a TweetType and a new Search_IsRetweet field added if you just want to distinguish Tweets and Retweets.
  • Added show condition and message for keyword lookup.
  • Added a second tab where we are sketching out some ideas for new charts.
  • Added frequency to some list boxes.