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Creates many empty diffs #54

tobyS opened this Issue · 3 comments

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One of the recent changes introduced that refactorings might contain many empty diffs in addition to the relevant ones, see

To reproduce this diff do the following:

  1. Checkout revision 60a94df5c2d761f6af6ceb3ae9e0dd979f17a40a
  2. Move src/main/Qafoo/ChangeTrack/Analyzer/Vcs/GitCheckout.php -> src/main/Qafoo/ChangeTrack/Analyzer/Checkout/GitCheckout.php
  3. Execute refactor fix-class-names src/ test/ > diff_issues.patch

Btw. the intended changes do not occur in the diff at all.


@tomphp: I guess you are the right one to ping for a potential fix?


@tobyS I thinkt this should be pretty straight forward to fix, I'll take a look at it tomorrow.


This has been fixed in the PatchBuilder library, simply run composer update and the empty diffs should go away.

@tobyS tobyS closed this in 21027f3
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