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# Load dependencies.
file = require 'fs'
uglify = require 'uglify-js'
chainer = require 'chainer'
lager = require 'lager'
log = new lager 'express-coffee'
require 'colors'
# Get parser and uglifier
jsp = uglify.parser
pro = uglify.uglify
# Export closure to build middleware.
module.exports = (opts, coffee) ->
live = !!process.env.PRODUCTION
if typeof opts.uglify is 'undefined' then opts.uglify = live
if typeof is 'undefined' then = !live
# Compiler interface.
class Compiler
# Log compiler notices.
log: (msg) ->
if opts.debug
log.log msg, @jpath
constructor: (@jpath, @debug) ->
@log 'compiler invoked'
# Determine coffeescript path.
@cpath = @jpath.replace('/javascripts', '/coffeescripts').replace(/\.js$/, '.coffee')
time: (time) -> (new Date time.mtime).getTime()
needsCompile: (cb) ->
@log 'checking if file needs (re)compiling'
chain = new chainer
stats = {}
errs = {}
# Wrapper to log result.
done = (res) =>
if res then @log 'file needs to be recompiled'
cb res
# Create type handler
typeHandler = (type) =>
(err, stat) =>
errs[type] = err
stats[type] = stat
# Fetch file info.
chain.add => file.stat @jpath, typeHandler 'js'
chain.add => file.stat @cpath, typeHandler 'coffee'
# Run the tests.
chain.add =>
if then return done false
if errs.js then return done true
done @time( > @time(stats.js)
compile: (cb) ->
@log '(re)compiling'
file.readFile @cpath, (err, cdata) =>
if err then cb()
# Attempt to compile to Javascript.
txt = coffee.compile cdata.toString()
# Ugligfy, if enabled.
if opts.uglify
ast = jsp.parse txt
ast = pro.ast_mangle ast
ast = pro.ast_squeeze ast
txt = pro.gen_code ast
# Save to file. Make new directory, if necessary.
path = @jpath.substr 0, @jpath.lastIndexOf '/'
file.stat path, (err, stat) =>
save = =>
file.writeFile @jpath, txt, =>
@log '(re)compile complete'
if not err and stat.isDirectory() then save()
else file.mkdir path, 0666, save
# Continue on errors.
catch err
@log 'an error occurred while compiling the file: ' + err.message
# Return the middleware
(req, res, next) ->
# Ignore URLs that don't start in /javascripts and end in .js.
if not (/^\/javascripts/.test(req.url) and /\.js$/.test(req.url)) then return next()
# Run the compiler.
compiler = new Compiler opts.path + req.url
compiler.needsCompile (needs) -> if needs then compiler.compile next else next()