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This plugin started off as a copy of HydraHCF's staff mode plugin back in July of 2015. After selling over ninety copies on MCM and making multiple revisions, it is now free to the public!

CI/CD Documentation

Version 3.0 changelog (major features)

  • TONS of new configuration options.
  • GUI hub in staff mode that allows for multiple different teleportation and management options.
  • Counter item in staff mode shows amount of staff online or amount of staff in staff mode. Also allows for teleportation.
  • Multiple examine improvements.
  • Ability to add unlimited custom modules with tons of options.
  • Brand new ticket management system.
  • Better overall alerts handling.
  • Configurable messages with language support.
  • Version independence (from 1.7 to 1.12).
  • Fixed all known bugs.
  • Removed ProtocolLib dependency.

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  • Clone this repo
  • Run mvn clean package
  • Wait (if you have never ran BuildTools before it will take a while future builds will be faster)