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Please see -

The official Qi4j website.

+-- develop/            Documentation for the 'develop' branch.
|ÊÊ +-- javadocs/
+-- latest/             Documentation for the 'master' branch aka. the latest stable release.
|ÊÊ +-- javadocs/
+-- VERSION_STRING/     Documentation for each stable release.
|ÊÊ +-- javadocs/
+-- landing-resources/  CSS, images, fonts and javascript files.
+-- _config.yml         Jekyll configuration
+-- _layouts/           Jekyll layouts
+-- index.html
+-- news.html
+-- _posts/             News, one per file
+-- atom.xml            Atom news feed
+-- downloads.html
+-- _includes/
|ÊÊ +-- releases/       Release download pages, one per file
+-- community/
+-- sitemap.txt         Sitemap
+-- schemas/            Qi4j XML Schemas
+-- graphics/           Qi4j graphic resources
+--           This very README

Landing pages

The landing pages are generated by Github using Jekyll.

To install it locally:

gem install jekyll

To preview the website locally from a working copy:

jekyll serve

Then go to http://localhost:4000/.

Layouts are in the _layouts directory.

News are in the _posts directory.

SDK Releases Downloads are in the _includes/releases directory.

Only the news are in the Markdown format, the other pages that should rarely change are plain HTML so we can fine-control the layout.

A news feed is built in atom.xml and the site map in sitemap.txt

Jekyll generate the website output in the _site directory that is added in the .gitignore file.

Versioned documentation

The versioned documentation is generated from asciidoc text files from the Qi4j SDK source repository by the Qi4j build system.