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"""Miscellaneous utility functions."""
from functools import reduce
from PIL import Image
def compose(*funcs):
"""Compose arbitrarily many functions, evaluated left to right.
# return lambda x: reduce(lambda v, f: f(v), funcs, x)
if funcs:
return reduce(lambda f, g: lambda *a, **kw: g(f(*a, **kw)), funcs)
raise ValueError('Composition of empty sequence not supported.')
def letterbox_image(image, size):
'''resize image with unchanged aspect ratio using padding'''
image_w, image_h = image.size
w, h = size
new_w = int(image_w * min(w*1.0/image_w, h*1.0/image_h))
new_h = int(image_h * min(w*1.0/image_w, h*1.0/image_h))
resized_image = image.resize((new_w,new_h), Image.BICUBIC)
boxed_image ='RGB', size, (128,128,128))
boxed_image.paste(resized_image, ((w-new_w)//2,(h-new_h)//2))
return boxed_image
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