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QIT - a quantum ready machine learning platform

The qindomClient SDK is an open source tool built on top of python that provides API connections to QIT services.

With minimal configuration, you can start using all of the machine learning algorithms that natively designed and implemented by the Qindom team.

QIT is designed to serve Quantum Machine Learning methods and algorithm to public, and we are dedicated to build a whole new ML/AL eco-system.


  1. Make sure you have python 3.7.0 or greater (or else python 2.7).

    See Installing Python 3 @ the hitchhiker's guide to python.

  2. Use pip to install qindomClient:

    pip install --upgrade pip
    pip install qindomClient

Account sign up

Contact info@qindom.com to get qit_access_user_name; qit_access_secrect_key; aws_access_key_id; aws_secret_access_key

Install aws cli on your windows or linux https://docs.aws.amazon.com/cli/latest/userguide/installing.html

In your windows command line interface or linux terminal run aws configure, use aws_access_key_id aws_secret_access_key to finish configuring

Data preparation

Two kinds of data should be prepared.

One is training data, with no index, no column header, and prediction result in the last column.

The other is prediction data, with no index, no column header, no prediction result.

Sample code

A simple example to get you up and running https://github.com/Qindom/QIT/blob/master/Sample.ipynb

API Reference

Full list of the API https://github.com/Qindom/QIT/blob/master/Api_Reference.md


Qit is currently in alpha. We are still making breaking changes, and we will break your code when we make new releases. We recommend that you pin a specific version of qindomClient in requirements.txt files, and periodically bump to the latest release. That way you have control over when a breaking change affects you.

Copyright 2018 Qindom Inc.