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Communication Channels & Support

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If you need support on anything relating to using and developing Qiskit you can use the following forums to direct your issue/queries to the appropriate audience.

Always remember to check first if your question/issue has been addressed already in one of these forums

Qiskit Github

If you have found a bug or would like to request a feature you can open an issue in the appropriate repository.

Qiskit Slack

You can join the Qiskit Slack workspace here.
If you are not sure where to ask a specific question, use #qiskit-101, which is also the good place for newcomers with introductory questions. You can also search in all the channels with the searching tool.

Channels for general questions on implementation:

Channels for contributing to Qiskit development:

  • #qiskit-dev - for discussions on the development of Qiskit (architecture, roadmap etc.)
  • #qiskit-pr-help - for support on making PRs to any Qiskit repos

Share what your own content:

  • #qiskitters - created some Qiskit-related content? Share it!
  • #textbook-projects - Discuss, get help with, and collaborate on personal projects inspired by the Qiskit Textbook!

For news about events:

To organize in-person events or just to meet people in your own geography or language:

For quantum-computing in general:

Social and off-topics:

Qiskit Office Hours

Twice a month a core maintainer will be hosting a 1hr webex session where anyone contributing to Qiskit development can drop in if they need support on a Qiskit GitHub issue. If you’re stuck, have a question or need help with a review come along and we’ll be happy to help you!

🕐 Timings:

Qiskit News & Content

Regular Open Source Meetups/Events

You can check out our calendar of regular open-source events (such as Office Hours and DemoDays) as well as other Qiskit events here. You can also sync this calendar with your preferred calendar app using this link:

Other Forums

These forums are monitored by Qiskit developers and advocates, but they do not belong to Qiskit or IBM Quantum. As such, they have their own rules and code of conducts.

General Feedback

Want to leave anonymous feedback about your experience using Qiskit and/or interacting with the community? You can give us your feedback at If you prefer e-email, .