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Qiskit is an open-source SDK for working with quantum computers at the level of circuits, algorithms, and application modules.

Qiskit is made up of elements that work together to enable quantum computing. This is a simple meta-package to install the elements of Qiskit altogether.


The best way of installing qiskit is by using pip:

$ pip install qiskit

See install Qiskit for detailed instructions, how to use virtual environments, and build from source standalone versions of the individual Qiskit elements and components.

Qiskit Packaging

The Qiskit project used to be made up of many components. However, in the future the Qiskit metapackage will only install Qiskit Terra:

Build Version Contribute
Qiskit Terra
For the time being, two other packages are installed, but these components will be removed from the metapackage in a future release.
Build Version Contribute
Qiskit Aer
Qiskit IBM Quantum Provider

Optional components

These components are part of the Qiskit ecosystem but are built on top of qiskit and are not installed by default with the meta-package. You can either install them manually, as an optional extra (ie pip install "qiskit[finance,experiments]"), or all together with pip install "qiskit[all]".

Build Version Contribute
Qiskit Optimization
Qiskit Finance
Qiskit Machine Learning
Qiskit Nature
Qiskit Experiments

Using quantum services

If you are interested in using quantum services (i.e. using a real quantum computer, not a simulator) you can look at the Qiskit Partners program for partner organizations that have provider packages available for their offerings:

Contribution Guidelines

If you'd like to contribute to Qiskit, please take a look at our contribution guidelines. This project adheres to Qiskit's code of conduct. By participating, you are expected to uphold this code.

We use GitHub issues for tracking requests and bugs. Please use our Slack for discussion and simple questions. For questions that are more suited for a forum we use the Qiskit tag in the Stack Exchange.

Next Steps

Now you're set up and ready to check out our Qiskit Tutorials repository.

Authors and Citation

Qiskit is the work of many people who contribute to the project at different levels. If you use Qiskit, please cite as per the included BibTeX file.


Apache License 2.0