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@@ -49,8 +49,6 @@ While using `better_exceptions` in production, do not forget to unset the `BETTE
If you do not see beautiful exceptions, first make sure that the environment variable does exist. You can try `echo $BETTER_EXCEPTIONS` (Linux / OSX) or `echo %BETTER_EXCEPTIONS%` (Windows). On Linux and OSX, the `export` command does not add the variable permanently, you will probably need to edit the `~/.profile` file to make it persistent. On Windows, you need to open a new terminal after the `setx` command.
You should also note that `better_exceptions` does not work inside the Python interactive shell, unless the executed code comes from another file.
Check that there is no conflict with another library, and that the `sys.excepthook` function has been correctly replaced with the `better_exceptions`'s one. Sometimes other components can set up their own exception handlers, such as the `python3-apport` Ubuntu package that you may need to uninstall.
Make sure that you have not inadvertently deleted the `better_exceptions_hook.pth` file that should be in the same place as the `better_exceptions` folder where all of your Python packages are installed. Otherwise, try re-installing `better_exceptions`.

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