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wowscrappie, made open source
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##wowscrappie - now open source Build Status Coverity Status Sputnik


From the start on, when I wrote the first code and laid out the first bricks of wowscrappie, it has always been the goal to create it to be fully open source. Somehow, somewhere along the way, we were too focused on creating features. Features that put aside the core of this project.

Instead of open sourcing it, we were stuck with a design that didn't allow us to quickly open up the code to the public, because the builds were dependent on configuration-specific elements, which should never be committed in an open source environment (apikeys, secrets..).

Wowscrappie has always been a project where I could try out new technologies and concepts, which may benefit other developers to see how, why and when such technologies could be used.

As I took a minor break from developing new features and letting wowscrappie gradually grow due to visibility in search engines, I wanted to refactor some of the existing code, so I could finally do what has always been the goal from the start on: make wowscrappie open source.

###By the community, for the community

One of the key concepts of wowscrappie, is the fact that it is has been developed in a way that lets people share their experiences, so other people could benefit from it.

You're a developer (perhaps playing world of warcraft) and you want to contribute? Now you can!

I want to extend this core concept to the code. The entire ecosystem of wowscrappie is now available to anyone. Anyone can now fork this repository, implement features, fix bugs and enhance the entire experience of the application.

In the of this github repository, I'll be explaining the core concepts of wowscrappie

  • setting up your development environment
  • picking up tickets, building your own features
  • best practices


We always try to listen to the public to see what they would like to see added, not only configurations, but also features in wowscrappie as an application. If you happen to have feedback, feel free to email, tweet @ScrappieWow or create a ticket in this github page.

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