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Qlik-Deployment-Framework (QDF)

QDF version 1.7.2

QDF is a set of Qlik scripts and utilities that enables:

Resource Sharing, Reuse, Organization, Structure and Standards providing an effective and efficient Qlik deployment. Qlik-Deployment-Framework content is available at https://community.qlik.com/groups/qlikview-deployment-framework

Qlik Deployment Framework resource containers

QDF is based on a resource container architecture. Arrange containers (building blocks and security separators) to fit the current needs, when demand changes its easy to reorganize and add additional containers. QlikView and/or Qlik Sense applications are hooked into the containers in which all needed resources reside.

Qlik Deployment Framework Deploy Tool binary releases

Available under releases tab: https://github.com/QlikDeploymentFramework/Qlik-Deployment-Framework/releases

Qlik-Deployment-Framework GitHub repository

Qlik-Deployment-Framework GitHub repository contains Qlik Script code that resides inside each QDF container, not the complete container.

Qlik-Deployment-Framework GitHub content:

  • Version1.7.2.txt --> File containing version number and code modifications
  • InitLink.qvs --> Initiation script that links Qlik Sense/QlikView to 1.Init.qvs
  • 3.Include/1.BaseVariable/1.Init.qvs --> Main initiation script for both Qlik Sense and QlikView (run automatically by InitLink.qvs) 1.Init.qvs will validate and create global variables for the current environment.
  • 3.Include/1.BaseVariable/3.SystemVariables.qvs --> Only for QlikView, loads system variables (filepath to logs and more)
  • 3.Include/2.Locale --> contains locale files used during initiation
  • 3.Include/4.Sub --> contains the most important function library, read more under README https://github.com/QlikDeploymentFramework/Qlik-Deployment-Framework/tree/master/3.Include/4.Sub