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Playlist Service : updateTracksPosition

GET playlist/updateTracksPosition


Update the tracks position in the playlist. Require playlist owner authentication except if the playlist is public and collaborative.

This method helps you bulk-reorder tracks and insert them elsewhere in the playlist. To understand the 'insert_before' parameter, imagine that you can select a bunch of tracks in a playlist and drag and drop them anywhere in the playlist.

Requires authentication

Requires a valid app_id

If you wish to reorder the tracks of a playlist that is not public and collaborative, a valid user_auth_token is required.


  • app_id - required : Your Application ID (see Application authentication)
  • user_auth_token - optional : The authenticated user token (see User authentication)
  • playlist_id - required : The playlist ID to update the tracks position of.
  • playlist_track_ids - optional : Comma-separated, ordered list of playlist track IDs.
  • insert_before - required : The playlist position where to start replacing the tracks position.




    "status": "success"