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import os
from classifier.inference import classifier_inference_example
from classifier.preprocessing import find_sorted_classifier_samples, \
find_classifier_samples, calc_mel_spec_example
from import classifier_training_example
if __name__ == '__main__':
samples_root_dir = '../../data/classifier/samples'
samples_save_path = '../../data/classifier/samples.npz'
samples_are_sorted = True
if samples_are_sorted:
# Use this if samples are sorted into folders like in the example data;
# folder structure must follow the same naming convention as the example
find_sorted_classifier_samples(samples_root_dir, samples_save_path)
# Use this if you want to crawl a large, unorganized sample library.
# Assigned labels will be less reliable
find_classifier_samples(samples_root_dir, samples_save_path)
# Calculate Mel spectrograms and classes for the found samples
mels_path = '../../data/classifier/' \
# Train classifier model
# Change model name to match the best one that was trained
model_name = 'class_cnn3_e17_vl0.72_vlacc0.7590.h5'
test_sample_names = ['Acetone Rhythm Ace-MaxV - KICK4.wav',
'Alesis D4fx-MaxV - HiHat Open 2.wav',
'Boss DR-110-DR-110Clap.wav']
# Demonstrate classifier model on un-seen samples
for test_sample_name in test_sample_names:
test_sample_path = os.path.join(
'../../data/classifier/drum_singleshots', test_sample_name)
classifier_inference_example(model_name, test_sample_path)