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RiakEcto3 is an Ecto 3 Adapter for the Riak KV database (v 2.0 and upward), which represents structs as Riak CRDT Data Types.


  • Structs are serialized as Riak CRDT Data Types.
  • Repo.get and Repo.insert/update
  • Repo.delete
  • Executing raw Solr queries
  • Finding a key within a range of keys (which relies on Riak's Secondary Indexes feature).
  • Setting up a Riak bucket type ('database')
  • 'Tearing down' a Riak bucket type ('database'): It will only be flushed because Riak does not support the actual dropping of a bucket or bucket type.

Planned Features

  • Support for associations
    • and preloading them.
  • Support for the Counter, Set and Flag CRDT datatypes.
  • (Maybe!) a converter for the Ecto query syntax into the Solr query syntax.

(For now) deliberatly not planned as features

  • Support for the rest of Secondary Indexes, because these are deprecated and custom indexes cannot be created for CRDTs.


As soon as available in Hex, the package can be installed by adding riak_ecto3 to your list of dependencies in mix.exs:

def deps do
    {:riak_ecto3, "~> 0.5.0"}

Documentation can be found at

Running Tests

The tests expect Riak to be running in localhost at its default port (8087).

  • Some of the features of RiakEcto3 require that searching is turned on, (the search setting in riak.conf)
  • Some features (The ones that require secondary indexes) require that either the 'leveldb' or 'memory'-backend is used. (The storage_backend setting in riak.conf)
  • Besides this, there are no restrictions when running the tests.
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