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Magic Powder
Use your mouse to place elements (and the scrollwheel to change the selected element).
Can you find all of the hidden reactions?
- A full-fledged two-dimensional chemistry sandbox
- Many different kinds of Solids, Liquids, Gases, with interesting and complex reactions between them. In total:
- 11 placeable elements,
- And at least as many hidden elements, (How many? you'll have to find out yourself!)
- In total, more than fifty different reactions that could take place.
Can you find:
- What happens when powder gets wet?
- The two different kinds of gas?
- How you can destroy a wall?
- The all-consuming VIRUS?
- The Magic Powder?
- Ice?
Unleash your inner alchemist!
Are you able to build a perpetually moving reaction?
Are you able to find the magic powder?
Spoiling more about what elements react in which ways would ruin half the fun,
so we'll refrain from doing so.
(Of course, when we release the unminified, documented source code after the competition is over, if you _really_ need to know).
Built with lots of einthausiasm and love by Michiel de Jong and Wiebe-Marten Wijnja