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@NayiemWillems NayiemWillems released this Nov 11, 2019

  • New design
  • New avatars
  • Fixed CSS errors
  • Fixed broken links
  • Added QAE docs
  • Fixed Windows install error
  • QAE features fully live
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  • 2.6.3
  • 0859e51
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  • 2.6.3
  • 0859e51
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@NayiemWillems NayiemWillems released this Nov 3, 2019 · 6 commits to master since this release

  • Added links to QAE features and documentation
  • Added links to Valkyrie projects
  • CSS and background settings changed
  • Hide Changelly page
  • Fixed blog feed
  • Fixed Windows Installation error
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@NayiemWillems NayiemWillems released this Sep 14, 2019 · 13 commits to master since this release

In this version:

  • Better management of unconfirmed votes
  • Don't parse transaction fees as int
  • Fetch wallet vote directly
  • Ledger device path empty in production
  • Fiat decimals are now 5 (instead of 2)
  • Fixed delay broadcast to multiple peers
  • Load transaction from file
  • Show if voted delegate is active in wallet table
  • Get wallet names in wallet selection/input address
  • Update all electron dependencies
  • Close transaction show when clicking on and address and navigate to transactions tab always
  • Properly format crypto currencies
  • Fix port used from github peer list
  • Development mode message in production
  • Fix bridgechain issues
  • Allow the Changelly widget to open popups
  • Make screenshot protection setting persistent
  • Toggle wallet dropdown on right mouse click
  • Add shortcut and menu item to open settings
  • Use last fee option
  • Remove v1 support & improve peer discovery
  • Unify the grid layout of wallets and contacts
  • Add animations to market chart and store options
  • Check if username exists in delegate registration form
  • Update enable plugin prompt
  • Improve passphrase detection in vendorfield
  • Update current vote wording
  • Custom adapter for 'got' requests
  • Fix NaN values on amount and fee inputs
  • Update wallet header on ledger disconnect
  • Stop fee update using api version as timeout
  • Do not import wallet with failed encryption
  • Fix ledger rejecting transaction
  • Update ModalQrCodeScanner component
  • Scanning passphrase & paper wallet parsing
  • Add gradients and scrolling to intro pages
  • Italian language update
  • Fix wallet export
  • Reload wallets after rename
  • Design height on large pages
  • Details modal not showing for recently registered delegates
  • Check unconfirmed votes when updating transactions
  • New delegate registration tx message
  • Voting explanation delegate count
  • Enable screenshot protection permanently
Assets 6
  • 2.5.1
  • c649e57
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  • 2.5.1
  • c649e57
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@Mililiter94 Mililiter94 released this Jul 30, 2019 · 35 commits to master since this release

Preparations of the future Core V2.5.7 network upgrade

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