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Beta 4 (28/11/16)

  • User/Chat's image is now updated, if it is changed
  • Implemented all reply message's types (excluding games)
  • Improved message preview
  • Added popups for images, files, locations and clicked URLs
  • Added "Save to downloads" for images
  • WebPage's thumbnails now respect "autodownload" setting
  • BUGFIX: Display correct icon for audio messages
  • BUGFIX: Crash when a chat is deleted
  • BUGFIX: Audio messages spectrum not visible
  • BUGFIX: Client's UI metrics
  • BUGFIX: Bulk file transfer now works again
  • BUGFIX: Occasional crash during file transfer
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Unread counter might be unreliable for supergrops/channels
  • NOTE: Supergroups are WIP so expect crashes or undefined behaviors (use only basic features)

Beta 3 (26/11/16)

  • Implemented message forwarding
  • Implemented message selection
  • Fixed message deletion
  • Implemented global unread message counter
  • Implemented upload progress
  • Added notification popup when a link is clicked
  • Restored integrated media player
  • Implemented group -> supergroup migration
  • Implemented group -> supergroup history soft-merge
  • Pending messages are now displayed during chats
  • Improved connection reliability
  • Restored connection status
  • Restored image autodownload setting
  • Added basic details page
  • Channels now receives all updates
  • Messages are now displayed after client's syncronization is completed
  • It's now possible to restore connection manually (like telegram desktop)
  • Fixed a crash when messages is sent in a supergroup
  • Replaced some icons with unicode character equivalent
  • Polished UI
  • Minor Fixes
  • NOTE: Supergroups are WIP so expect crashes or undefined behaviors (use only basic features)

Beta 2 (18/11/16)

  • Fixed UI freeze when sharing files
  • Location messages are now clickable
  • Added remorse timer when sharing position
  • Added Image Viewer
  • Adjusted some metrics
  • Improved chat list sorting algorithm
  • Sync to upstream LibQTelegram
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Unread message counter may be unreliable

Beta 1 (17/11/16)

  • It's now possible to share images
  • It's now possible to share files
  • It's now possible to share the location
  • It's now possible to open chats from contacts
  • Improved unread message counter
  • Huge Performance boost
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Channels are not sorted according to its latest message
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Unread message counter is unreliable