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QtMark JSON Library


The QtMark JSON Library provides an alternative implementation to Qt's native JSON implementation. Some notable improvements include:

  • All JSON values, arrays and objects are stored as managed pointers, providing a simple means to externally maintain a reference to portions of a JSON tree
  • Support for custom types, providing a means to automatically marshal / unmarshal JSON trees into complex C++ Classes.
  • Native support for some custom types (providing convenience and example) including QRect, QSize, QPoint and QColor.
  • Signal / Slot support for JSON values, arrays and objects to detect when changes occur to specific portions of the tree.
  • Several convenience functions for JSON values, arrays and objects providing a more developer friendly API.

For more information on the API, please see the API documentation:


  • C++11
  • Qt 5.2 and above

Building / Installation Instructions

To build the QtMark JSON Library, first make sure that Qt is installed in your development environment. Once installed, execute the following:

qmake -r
make -j
make install


To use this library, simply include the following:

#include <qmjson.h>
#include <qmjsongui.h>

The QtMark JSON Library uses C++11, and thus you must add this to your project file. You will also need to add the libraries themselves. Note that the GUI library is optional (don't forget to remove the include if you don't use it).

CONFIG += c++11
LIBS += -lqmjson -lqmjsongui

For a more complete example, see the example application that is included with this source code. To run this example code, execute the following

cd example
make -j

Unit Tests

The QtMark JSON Library comes complete with a set of unit tests that can be used to validate that changes do not break the expected functionality of the API. The unit tests may also provide additional examples of how to use the library as most of the API is tested.

cd test
make -j
./test -platform offscreen


To cleanup your source tree after compiling, you can run the following:

make clean

If you want to completely remove all generated files, you can run the following:

make distclean


If you would like to participate in the development of this library, the following Wiki page provides more information on how to do so:


The QtMark Libraries are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License v2 (LGPL) library. Please note that this library depends on Qt which has it's own license.