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Hey, I made a few edits to your Soda library for 7 segment LEDs. I got the decimal point to work, and a decimal clear (without having to remove the number). I also added functions to clear the display, increment it by 1, and decrement it by 1. Thanks for writing this - hope my edits are useful.


pOakley added some commits Jul 11, 2012
@pOakley pOakley Code clean up
Cleaned up the code in soda.cpp. Added constructor, destructor and
clear function (to make the display blank). Changed the array
definitions around a bit to make sure all functions could access them.
Also got the decimal point to work.
@pOakley pOakley Added decimal remover
Added a write option to remove the decimal without clearing the number.
Just input '..' into the write function.
@pOakley pOakley New functions added and decimal clear
Added functions to increment and decrement the display. Also added a
means of removing the decimal point without adjusting the number
@pOakley pOakley comment clean up
Cleaned up some comments
@pOakley pOakley comment clean up
stupid tabs on github are different than bbedit - driving me crazy
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