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GameModeChangerPlugin is a plugin for CanaryMod to allow the player to toggle between CREATIVE and SURVIVAL mode with a simple command. CanaryMod is a server mod for the Minecraft server software.


Read the history.txt file.


Go to the download section and download the version you want to use.

Generating the jar from source

In Eclipse select this project and choose File -> Export... -> Jar File

Installing the plugin

  1. Copy the jar file into the plugins folder of the CanaryMod Server directory.
  2. Edit the file and add 'GameModeChangerPlugin' to 'plugins' (e.g. plugins=GameModeChangerPlugin,... ) to load this plugin on startup.

Setting up GameModeChangerPlugin Project

  1. use 'git clone git://' to download the source files.
  2. in Eclipse: File -> New -> Java Project use 'GameModeChangerPlugin' as name and check if Eclipse will automatically import this project into your workspace.

Development Dependencies

This project depends on the CanaryMod Project.

Setting up CanaryMod Project

  1. Install Java
  2. Download Eclipse
  3. Install Git
  4. checkout CanaryMod 4.1 use 'git clone git://' to download the source files. 4.2 use 'cd CanaryMod/jarjar' to change into that directory. 4.3 use 'wget' to download the latest minecraft server jar and store it in the same directory. 4.4 use './' to create minecraft_servero.jar 4.5 use 'cd ..' to go back to the CanaryMod directory

5 Open Eclipse and Import the source as java project. Eclipse -> File -> New -> Java Project ... use CanaryMod as Project Name to import it into your Workspace.

6 right click build.xml and select run as -> ant build alternatively use 'ant jar' on your command line to build the minecraft_servero.jar

If you get: BUILD FAILED CanaryMod/build.xml:34: Unable to find a javac compiler; is not on the classpath. Perhaps JAVA_HOME does not point to the JDK. It is currently set to "..."

you can: a. go to Window -> Preferences -> Ant -> Runtime -> Classpath -> Global Entries and add tools.jar from your Java JDK lib directory. or b. go to Window -> Preferences -> Java -> Installed JREs and add and select your JDK as standard vm. (preferred)

7 Add CanaryMod Project to the Java Build Path of the Plugin Project.

8 Done.

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