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Welcome to the QuaLiKiz wikipages!

What is QuaLiKiz?

QuaLiKiz is a quasilinear gyrokinetic tokamak transport model rapid enough to allow systematic interface with experiments. The quasilinear approximation is justified over a wide range of tokamak core parameters where nonlinear and quasilinear turbulent fluxes have been shown to agree. QuaLiKiz computes quasilinear gyrokinetic turbulent heat, particle and angular momentum fluxes. It is coupled in integrated modelling platforms such as CRONOS and JETTO. QuaLiKiz is available to all users. It allows for extensive stand-alone interpretative analysis and for first principle based integrated predictive modelling.

QuaLiKiz documentation

PhD reports, publications, recent conference slides and more

Interfaces with integrated modelling suites

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