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Introducing cfUniform

cfUniForm is a library of custom tags and other related assets that is based upon the "Uni-Form":http://sprawsm.com/uni-form/ markup by Dragan Babic. cfUniForm delivers the best of both worlds:

  1. Standards-compliant (XHTML Strict) form markup that is consistent across all common browsers.
  2. Build your forms by writing ColdFusion, and not (x)HTML/CSS.

Getting Started


Step 1. Load the uform tags

<cfimport taglib="/tags/forms/cfUniForm" prefix="uform" />

Step 2: Open the form

<uform:form action="myAction.cfm" method="post" id="myForm">

Step 3: Add the form elements (see "cfUniform Tags" below)

Step 4: Close the form

<cfimport taglib="/tags/forms/cfUniForm" prefix="uform" />
<uform:form action="myAction.cfm" method="post" id="myForm">
<uform:fieldset legend="Required Fields" class="inlineLabels">
<uform:field label="Email Address" name="emailAddress" isRequired="true" type="text" value="" hint="Note: Your email is your username.  Use a valid email address."  />
<uform:field label="Choose Password" name="password" isRequired="true" type="password" value=""  />
<uform:field label="Re-enter Password" name="password2" isRequired="true" type="password" value=""  />

cfUniform Tags

  • Checkbox
  • CountryCodes
  • Field
  • Fieldset
  • Form
  • Option
  • Radio
  • States-can
  • States-us

Demos & Info

Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Credits

Uni-Form XHTML Markup & CSS

Integrated jQuery Plugins:

Supported Third-Party Libraries:


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