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The complete QuadSpinner Vue collection, open-sourced for the public.
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QuadSpinner's Vue Legacy

The complete QuadSpinner Vue collection open-sourced for the public!

As a "thank you" to all the thousands of users who supported QuadSpinner in its infancy, we have open sourced our material, MetaNode, and function library under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. You can use it for commercial use, modify and distribute the files as long as you link back to or attribute this repository.

How to download

You can download individual files... Download or you can download the entire repository from this page. Download

Software Requirement and Version Compatibility

Requires E-on Software's VUE. Most of the files were created with Vue 7.5, 8, 9.5, 10.5, and 11.5 (we loved the .5 versions!) so most recent versions will be able to open them.

Development Versions

A special folder called "Development Versions" contains many materials from Dax Pandhi's private library that have been used in many different things, from Battlestar Galactica® to God of War®. Many of these are "half cooked" materials that are easily modified for various situations. Some of them are not "ready to use" and may require a bit of work, but you can learn many different techniques used in professional productions.

Unlocked Versions

Most materials, functions graphs, and metanodes will be unlocked, or have an unlocked copy, so you can dig into it and find out how we created our bestselling materials.

MDK 1.1 MDK 2 Elemental MDK Options


  • Master Class Los Angeles
  • MDK 1.1/1.0 (unlocked)
  • MDK Elemental (unlocked)
  • Arenite Warriors
  • Dark Knights
  • Dust in the Wind
  • GeoAffinity
  • Grasslands
  • HyperTextures Vol 1
  • Master Trinity
  • Mineral Infinity
  • Ice and Magma
  • QS Rocks
  • The Defenders / The Invasion
  • 120+ materials from QuadSpinner's private library
  • More content will be added

Master Class Videos

The complete Master Class video content is also open sourced on our YouTube Channel.


This collection is not complete. We will keep adding to it over the next several weeks. To stay updated, click the "WATCH" button at the top of the page.

Need help?

You can open an issue. Please note, this is not a commercial product so we cannot always provide help quickly. There are wonderful Vue communities (such as on Facebook) out there who will be able to help you if you have urgent needs!

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