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Easy-to-use, readable and comprehensive library for consuming TeamCity REST API. Written using real scenarios in mind, enables variuos range of queries and operation on TeamCity


Run from NuGet Package Manager console:

PM > Install-Package FluentTc


Get TeamCity builds with branches, status, start and finish date and paging

IList<IBuild> builds =
    new RemoteTc()
        .Connect(connect => connect
            having => having
                    buildConfiguration => buildConfiguration
                .Branch(branch => branch.Branched()),
            include => include
            paging => paging

Run build on build configuration FluentTc on agent Agent1 with parameters on branch develop, with comment 'personal build on develop', as a personal build, queue on top, rebuild all dependencies on change 123456

IBuild build = new RemoteTc()
    .Connect(connect => connect
         buildConfiguration => buildConfiguration.Id("FluentTc"), 
         agent => agent.Name("Agent1"),
         parameters => parameters
                     .Parameter("param1", "value1")
                     .Parameter("param2", "value2"),
         options => options.OnBranch("develop")
                    .WithComment("personal build on develop")
                    .OnChange(change => change.Id(123456)));

Interact with TeamCity from within a build step without authentication

ILocalTc localTc = new LocalTc();

// Gets the current checkout directory
string agentWorkDir = localTc.TeamcityBuildCheckoutDir;

// Gets the current parameter value 
int param1 = localTc.GetBuildParameter<int>("param1");

// Sets parameter value of the current build
localTc.SetBuildParameter("", "value1");

// Gets list of files changed in the current build
IList<IChangedFile> changedFiles = localTc.ChangedFiles;

// Determines whether the build is personal
bool isPersonal = localTc.IsPersonal;

// Change status of the current build 

Quick Links

Project status

  • Continuous Integration: build status
  • Code Coverage: code coverage
  • Downloads: NuGet


The best way to contribute is by spreading the word about the library:

  • Blog it
  • Comment it
  • Fork it
  • Star it
  • Share it

A HUGE THANKS for your help.


FluentTc keeps growing with the support of of contributors


Apache License 2.0