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import datetime
import json
from import ResourceDriverInterface
from import InitCommandContext, ResourceCommandContext, AutoLoadResource, \
AutoLoadAttribute, AutoLoadDetails, CancellationContext
from data_model import *
class ImplementingDiscoveryDriver (ResourceDriverInterface):
def get_inventory(self, context):
Discovers the resource structure and attributes.
:param AutoLoadCommandContext context: the context the command runs on
:return Attribute and sub-resource information for the Shell resource you can return an AutoLoadDetails object
:rtype: AutoLoadDetails
resource = ImplementingDiscovery.create_from_context(context)
resource.vendor = 'specify the shell vendor'
resource.model = 'specify the shell model'
chassis1 = GenericChassis('Chassis 1')
chassis1.model = 'WS-X4232-GB-RJ'
chassis1.serial_number = 'JAE053002JD'
resource.add_sub_resource('1', chassis1)
module1 = GenericModule('Module 1')
module1.model = 'WS-X5561-GB-AB'
module1.serial_number = 'TGA053972JD'
chassis1.add_sub_resource('1', module1)
port1 = GenericPort('Port 1')
port1.mac_address = 'fe80::e10c:f055:f7f1:bb7t16'
port1.ipv4_address = ''
module1.add_sub_resource('1', port1)
return resource.create_autoload_details()
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