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Cisco NXOS Shell with modified commands
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Cisco NXOS Shell extended to also configure VLANs on Cisco NXOS ports and port channels. The modified VLAN commands reside in the Resource Drivers - Python folder, in the and files.

If you'd like to see how this shell works, import the into CloudShell.

Specific modifications

Implemented the following capabilities for the file:

  • AddVlanFlow

  • RemoveVlanFlow

Modified the ConfigCommandMode init commands (in the file) to support the configuration of the VLANs:

ConfigCommandMode.ENTER_COMMAND = "conf sync"

ConfigCommandMode.ENTER_ACTION_COMMANDS = ["switch-profile configure-fex"]

ConfigCommandMode.EXIT_COMMAND = "end"

Overrode ConnectivityRunner to execute the modified AddVlanFlow and RemoveVlanFlow commands

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