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A customizable web performance metrics collector.
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A customizable web performance metrics collector.

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npm install qualitymeter -g


  • Using default settings
qualitymeter [url]
  • Avaiable tags
--help, -h                                  View the help screen of the module

--config, -c [/path/to/config/file.json]    Use a custom configuration file.

--verbose, -v                               Outputs configuration details being used, 
                                            along with additional output that may help with debugging.

--report, -r                                Generates an html report from the performance data retrieved.
                                            A report can only be generated if the save_to_file property has a valid file.

Configuration File

Default configurations are as follows:

urls: null
output_to_screen: true
save_to_file: null
file_write_format: w
report_output: qualitymeter.html (created in current directory)
report_template: qualitymeter.jade (read from the qualitymeter module)
whitelist: null
timeout: 15

A custom configuration file can be added with the following format

    "urls": ["url1", "url2", ...],          //urls to be tested
    "output_to_screen": true,               //output performance results to screen
    "save_to_file": "path/to/file.json",    //file that performance results are saved to
    "file_write_format": "a",               //a to append, w to overwrite the report json file
    "report_output": "/path/to/file.html",  //HTML file that will be created in the current directory
    "report_template":"/path/to/file.jade", //Jade template to be used when generating HTML report
    "whitelist": ["metrics.timeToFirstByte", "", ...]   //List of properties to be returned by performance test

The suggested whitelist array is


N.B. the whitelist property can be used to retrieve specific information from the performance metrics. The other possible metrics can be seen at the phantomas module

This module was made possible with the help of the phantomjs and phantomas frameworks.

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