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@QuantAsylum QuantAsylum released this Aug 14, 2019

** Release 1.791(2019 August) **

This is a pre-release. Please use 1.75 unless you are already working with Support on some new features.

  • Fixed bug where DBR axis title would only update when switching to DBR. If you were already in DBR, it didn't 'take'
  • Changes to chirp parameters. This is to clean up entry and exit to chirp (start/end at zero phase)
  • Fixed bug where changing input/output button when stopped failed to update on-screen message that output was being displayed
  • Added windowing to chirp math. This allows measuring of speakers in rooms of limited size.
  • IMPORTANT: Inverted response for user weighting files. This is so that standard mic calibration files can be applied. This requires inverting previous user weighting files.
  • API RemotingRunSingleFrExpoChirp() now takes a second argument that is the window size. Set this arg to zero and the function will perform as before.
  • Fixed bug in speaker impedance math. Previously you had to specify a source impedance that was 10X higher than actual value IF you were specifying an attenuation factor of -20 (for example)
  • Added the ability to step GEN1 and GEN2 using octave specification instead of fixed frequency
  • Fixed bug where exception would happen on startup if the settings file didn't already exist.
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