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@QuantAsylum QuantAsylum released this Oct 18, 2019

Release 1.81 (October 2019)

Please use release 1.75 unless you are testing new features. This release has only undergone light testing.

  • Updated UI controls (in process, more coming). There's a button that's included on the panel marked "test" that is only there to ensure the build & release process is working. The button currently does nothing.
  • Added first-step Rub and Buzz plug-in. See blog post here going into more detail.
  • Fixed bug where knob changes weren't being shown when acquisition was stopped.
  • Lots of changes to screen redraw logic to make buttons more consistent.
  • Added delay to QA401/QA450 impedance plug-in to allow settling after impedance change
  • SPKR impedance plug-in is no longer fixed at 32K FFT. If you are making speaker impedance measurements, see this link here on some important tradeoffs.
  • Updates to RemotingTest sample project to ensure it compiles against latest API changes.
  • Help is updated.
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