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You may want to import a single static reference file - such as loading a daily symbol list, or an AI-training file. This is possible with the $[Download(),M:QuantConnect.Algorithm.QCAlgorithm.Download] method. The&nbsp;<code style="font-size: 1em; background-color: rgb(255, 255, 255);">Download</code> method downloads a URL and returns it as a string. It can take header settings for authentication, and a username and password for basic authentication.</p>
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<pre class="csharp">// If using dropbox remember to add the &amp;dl=1 to trigger a download
var file = Download(";dl=1");
<pre class="python"># If using dropbox remember to add the &amp;dl=1 to trigger a download
file = self.Download(";dl=1")
</pre><p>It is a common request to download data from a public Dropbox file. In this case you should ensure you're downloading the direct file link - not the HTML page of the download. You can specify this by adding <code>&amp;dl=1</code> to the end of the Dropbox download URL.</p>
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