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The $[NullPortfolioConstructionModel,T:QuantConnect.Algorithm.Framework.Portfolio.NullPortfolioConstructionModel] can be used to skip the execution phase of the algorithm i.e. <i>"do nothing"</i>. This is useful when you're trying analyze the Alpha Model in isolation. All <a target="_BLANK" href="/alpha">Alpha Streams</a> algorithms can use Null Portfolio Construction and Null Execution Models.</p>
<div class="section-example-container"> <pre class="csharp">SetPortfolioConstruction( new NullPortfolioConstructionModel() ); </pre> <pre class="python">self.SetPortfolioConstruction( NullPortfolioConstructionModel() ) </pre>
<p><span class="csharp">You can view the C# <i>implementation</i> of this model in <a href="" target="_BLANK">GitHub</a>.</span><span class="python">You can view the Python <i>implementation</i> of this model in <a href="" target="_BLANK">GitHub</a>.</span>
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