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QuantConnect supports running multiple algorithms at the same time on <i>different brokerage accounts</i>. When you deploy your second algorithm you can simply select another server and deploy your second algorithm.
</p><p>Interactive Brokers can easily create new subaccounts and logins. If you'd like to break up your account into multiple smaller accounts contact Interactive Brokers.</p>
Deploying two algorithms to the <i>same</i> brokerage account is slightly more difficult. Imagine you had two algorithms fighting to set the target portfolio; one trying to buy shares in Apple, and the other trying to sell them. Because of this, we don't allow deploying two <b>projects</b> to the same brokerage account. Instead, you can deploy two algorithms in one project via the <b>Algorithm Framework</b>.
<p>With the $[QCAlgorithmFramework,T:QuantConnect.Algorithm.Framework.QCAlgorithmFramework] you can actually set two Alpha Models with the $[CompositeAlphaModel,T:QuantConnect.Algorithm.Framework.Alphas.CompositeAlphaModel]. The CompositeAlphaModel merges the signals of two Alphas together. These merged Alpha Model signals are then reconciled in the Portfolio Construction Model which makes the final decision how much capital to allocate to each signal.</p><p>For more information on the CompositeAlphaModel see the <a href="">Algorithm Framework</a>.</p>
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