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QuantEcon documentation

This is the main directory for the documentation for the quantecon python library.


The documentation requires a few dependencies beyond those necessary for the quantecon library. These dependencies are (warning, this may be an incomplete list):

  • sphinx
  • numpydoc
  • sphinx_rtd_theme
  • mock

You can install these by executing

conda install sphinx numpydoc sphinx_rtd_theme mock

Building the docs

In order to generate the documentation, follow these steps:

  1. Install the quantecon python library locally. Do to this enter the commands below:
cd ..
python install
cd docs
  1. From this directory, execute the local file (for an explanation of what the file does, see the module level docstring in the file)
  1. Run sphinx using the Makefile (this is the command for unix based system -- sorry windows users, you will have to google how to do this)
make html
  1. Open the file build/html/index.html.

I have added a couple utility commands to the make file:

    rm -rf source/modules*
    rm -rf source/models*
    rm -rf source/tools*
    rm -f source/index.rst
    rm -f source/models.rst
    rm -f source/tools.rst

    make srcclean
    cd .. && python install && cd docs
    make html

Notice that we can automate steps 1-3 (and make sure we get a clean build) above by simply running make myhtml