Source files for "Lectures in Quantitative Economics" -- Julia version
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"Lectures in Quantitative Economics"-- Julia Version

Setup Instructions

  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install Conda and Julia on your target operating system. If on Windows, install the Windows Substyem for Linux
  3. Assuming that python is in your path, install the dependencies pip install sphinxcontrib-bibtex
  4. Clone with git clone
  5. cd to the sphinxcontrib-jupyter
  6. Install with python install
  7. Go to the notebooks directory of this repo, run julia and then install either include("instantiate.jl") or run
using Pkg
pkg"add IJulia; precompile"
pkg"activate .;instantiate; precompile"

This may take a long time, as it will install and precompile every package used by the lecture notes.

Generating, testing, and executing the notebooks

  • To generate the notebooks and execute them
    1. In the main directory of the repo: make jupyter or make jupyter-notest if you want it without testing code
    • Alternatively, you could edit rst_files/ and modify the setting jupyter_drop_tests = True
    1. Execute all of the notebooks with ./ This will take a long-time the first execution.
    2. cd to the /notebooks directory, and run jupyter lab to examine them.

Development Tools

On top of the above, we have the following dev scripts: