Includes the Styleguide and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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Visit QuantNet

Styleguide and FAQ Visit QuantNetVisit QuantNet 2.0

Build software better, together, now (QuantNet 2.0 @ GitHub)

We highly recommend that you first familiarize yourself with the Styleguide and the application of yamldebugger. They will help you to avoid typical problems and strengthen your sense of achievement.

This repository includes:

  • Styleguide of Quantlets for first submission - Styleguide
  • Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ
  • How to format and upload your Quantlet to QuantNet 2.0 - Workflow
  • Template for mandatory file in every QuantLet subfolder of a repository (see also Guideline II):
  • metainfo.txt - Please format your added content according to YAML as described in the Styleguide. Thanks to your effort, we are able to automatically provide a standardized to your repository.
  • YAML parser debugger (yamldebugger) according to the QuantNet style guide: the R-Package yamldebugger may be freely used for testing and validating the own Quantlets bevore uploading them into . Mainly, it checks the validity of the YAML meta information and the completeness of the mandatory data fields as described in Styleguide

Guideline I:

  • Abbreviations
    • Q = Quantlet
    • QNet = Quantnet
    • repo = repository
    • GH = GitHub

Guideline II:

Guideline III: